Author Update

Author Update

Author Update

Posted on 04/29/2015 Evan Swensen

Author Book Signing Request

The Author Signing Request feature on our website is open for business. This service for authors is unique to Publication Consultants. No other publisher provides this opportunity for authors to expose their works to the public, to booksellers, and bookseller employees. The procedure for scheduling book signings is simple. Go to our website <>, click on the Book Signing tab near the top of the page, select Author Signing Request, and follow the prompts. Once you complete the request you will receive an email notice that your request has been received. As soon as the request has been approved Author Services will send you a confirming email. It’s just that simple.

Barnes and Noble Open Invitation

When we announce a new book or a release party we send an invitation to our email mailing list which includes booksellers. We received the following note after we set the release party invitation for Northern Verses by Dennis Lattery.

“Wishing you a wonderful event and much success… I was in Alaska fifteen years ago and would LOVE to return again someday.

“Thank you for the invite and the information on this new book by Dennis Lattery. If he is ever in “the states” or any of your other authors, I would welcome them to our Barnes & Noble and would love to host an event for them.

“Lori Peuterbaugh
Community Business Development Manager
Barnes & Noble, Inc.
6510 N. Illinois Street
Fairview Heights, IL 62208”

If you’re traveling to the South-48 and would like to do a signing at this store just go to our website and request a signing. Of course this goes for any Barnes and Noble store as well as all the other booksellers listed under the Book Signing tab on our website.

New Book Signing Opportunities

We just received approval for author signings for all Safeway and Albertson stores in Washington and Idaho. We have not yet added all these stores to the Book Signing tab on our website. However, if you would like to schedule a signing prior to the store being added kindly let us know and we’ll add it. This goes for other stores as well. If you’d like to do a signing in a store not listed under the Book Signing tab kindly send us the store name, address, city, state, zip, and any contact information you may have. And once again, Author Services will take it from there.

Book Signings Are Fun

We encourage you to visit our website, click on the Video tab and watch the Book Signings Are Fun video. You may want to watch this video before you go to your book signing. It’ll get you in a positive mood for your signing.

Book Signing Events

Once a book signing is approved it is added to the Book Signing Events tab under the Author Signing tab on our website. This is the best place to visit to keep track of your signing schedule and to follow other author’s signing schedule.

Book Signing Season

Next to Christmas, the summer signing season is the best time for signings; particularly in Alaska. Alaska’s population triples during the summer. Some say that there are three seasons in Alaska: summer, winter, and construction. How about a fourth season; book signing season?

Thank you again!!

Keep in touch,

Evan Swensen

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