Author Update

Author Update

Author Update

Posted on 10/12/2016 Evan Swensen

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Publication Consultants’ recent blogs, <> have been directed more to unpublished authors than to published authors. Heartbreaking, tragic book publishing stories come to us with regularity. Most of these could have been avoided if the new author had the information in these recent blogs: Questions to Ask a Publisher Before Signing AnythingWhat To Look Out For When Publishing Your First BookWhy You Should Approach a Consultant Before Trying to Get PublishedHow to Avoid Being Scammed by a Publisher, and Becoming a Published Author. We know that published authors are asked about their publisher by writers looking for a publishers. If you’re a published author kindly point inquiring writers to our blog. The writer you’re talking with will appreciate your concern.

Independent Book Stores

We recommend you put your books on the Independent Book Stores website. There are hundreds of ABA booksellers with websites and storefronts. These stores want to know about you and about your books. They welcome authors for book signings and will promote the author event if your book is listed on the ABA’s website. Here’s how to make sure your book is listed and is for sale at ABA member bookstores.

Adding titles or cover images to the ABA database:
First, log in to using your personal account. If you don’t have an account on, please create one at

Once you are logged in, kindly search for your title first, by ISBN, using the search form in the upper right of the site (13 digits only, no dashes or spaces). If your title is already listed, it does not need to be added. If you see that information is missing or incorrect, please email the necessary changes to (be sure to include ISBN and Title).

If your title (or cover image) cannot be found in the database, use the links below to add it:
1) To add a complete book listing, including a cover image, go to:
2) To add a missing cover image to an existing book, go to
Just enter your data, upload an image, and submit!

Please allow time for approval by someone at ABA. You will receive an email when your book is approved. Once approved, it can take up to 24 hours for your book to appear in search results and on, but it will be available on individual store websites, in book lists, etc. immediately.

Keep in mind that adding a book to the ABA shared database does not necessarily make the title available for purchase. If a customer clicks to purchase your title, they will be taken to one of the ABM member bookstores. It is then up to each bookstore to obtain the book for their customer. However, if a store cannot find your title available from the publisher or a distributor, they may inform their customer that the book is not readily available. The easier it is for the bookseller to find and obtain your title, the likelier that a store will fill an order for your book.

ABA also has an affiliate program where you can actually earn money for referring people to member’s stores.

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