Let’s Talk About Book Signings

Let’s Talk About Book Signings

Let’s Talk About Book Signings

Posted on 03/12/2013 Evan Swensen

Many of you have been receiving emails from Mary Ann Poll about book signing schedules. We are pleased to announce that Mary Ann has accepted the appointment of be our new Author Events Coordinator, replacing Dawn Swensen. Dawn pioneered the position and faithfully served our authors for many years. Dawn is completing her education and obtaining her teaching certificate. She’s been helping out in the classroom for the past three years and will be a full-time teacher this fall. We wish Dawn well in her new career. And with equal enthusiasm we welcome Mary Ann. Mary Ann comes with a business office history and author signing experience. Already she’s applied her skills to the scheduling process and streamlined the approval procedure.

Concurrent with Mary Ann’s appointment and streamlined approval procedure, we confirm that we have polished the Author Signing Request Form on our website, and it is fully functional. You’ll find it a delight to use. When you’re ready to have a book signing go to the form and select the State, City, and Location and enter your request. If the venue isn’t listed, please send an email to authorservices@publicationconsultants.com and let us know the information. We’ll add the venue to the form and let you know when it’s available for use.

We reported several months ago that Costco’s book signing contract company was experiencing serious personnel problems. They seem to have the problems resolved and are now scheduling author signings again for Costco. The Costco store on Dimond is being remodeled and will not be available for signings until after the May 1. But, now is a good time to schedule your signing. Again, if you’d like a signing outside of Alaska let us know if the location you’re thinking of is not on the website and we’ll add it.

We’ve been working with Jerry Simmons, a book marketing consultant. We shared our Author Event Information sheet with Jerry and asked for his impute. He didn’t suggest any changes, but made this comment: “The Author Event Information is an excellent tool for your authors. Well written and to the point, if they follow your advice they can have successful book signings.” We encourage you to review it and follow the advice for successful signings.

Marianne Schlegelmilch, Author of Original Alaska Fiction, was recently recognized in the Homer News about her new book, Slugs Forever! A tale from an Alaskan Backyard:http://homernews.com/stories/013013/news_collaborate.shtml#.UQpJd6VmB5g. We have published seven of Marianne’s books.

Also featured in the Homer News was an article about Steve Wolfe. The headline read: Coach Wolfe to be inducted into National Wrestling Hall of Fame: http://www.homernews.com/stories/013013/sports_wolfe.shtml. Steve is the author of three wonderful books with a wrestling theme from his years as a high school wrestling coach.

Sam Allred, author of Opening Hearts, was recently honored with The Prudential Spirit of Community Award http://spirit.prudential.com/view/page/soc/307?lp=306&reqid=3350.

Since our last author update new books have arrived in our warehouse:

Warren Troy, Alaska wilderness adventure author, continues the Alaska homestead adventures with his new book, The Last Homestead: Further Adventures of Denny Caraway, Alaskan Homesteader. He held his release party at Great Northern Guns.

Former Eagle River resident, Erin Rivard, is the author and illustrator of her new children’s book, Agattu: The Alaskan Caribou, A Story About Self-Worth. Erin held her release party near her hew home in Lakewood, Washington.

David Kunkel, author of Locked Up Abroad: An Alaskan’s True Story of Adventure, Incarceration, and Escape, published the second edition of his book which included 16 more pages than the first edition.

Ollen Hunt received books from his ninth printing of Buffalo Soldier,

Carl Douglass completed the six book series of his Saga of a Neurosurgeon when we received the last four titles: Heaven and Hell: Garven Wilsonhulme takes on all comers in the jungle of modern competition; The Long Climb: Young M.D., Garven Wilsonhulme, engaged in a social poker game of winner takes all; ACADEMIA: The Law of the Jungle: Surgeon in training, Garven Wilsonhulme, fang-and-claw competition for glory; and The Vulture and the Phoenix: Neurosurgeon, Garven Wilsonhulme, the final great fight.

Burt Bomhoff, author of Iditarod Alaska: Life of a Long Distance Sled Dog Musher, saw his book for the first time last week just a few days after the start of the Iditarod. Burt will announce the date and time for his release party in a few days.

We are taking a new approach to social media marketing training. We’ve discovered that the most productive training is one on one or in small groups with about equal skills. Keeping this in mind we’ve arranged with Cherilynn Stone to provide each of our authors with a free one-hour consultation to develop their social media marketing procedure. In just a few days Cherilynn will have an online assessment you can fill out to begin your free consultation. Cherilynn says, “In this consultation, we will discuss your business goals as they relate to social media and your online marketing.  I will answer questions and tailor an internet/social media marketing plan tailored to you.” We encourage you to take advantage of this free consultation. We’ll let you know when the assessment form is up and running.

We’ve added a new feature to our website. If you click on Book Signings and then select Scheduled Book Signings you’ll find a schedule of signings. This way you can see right away if your signing has been approved. You can also see where your fellow authors are signing and if you’ll have company at your signing. We don’t schedule more than two authors at the same venue at the same time. Kindly let us know what you think about this new feature.

Once again we express our gratitude for the trust you’ve placed in us and we’ll do all we can to prove worthy of that trust.

Best Regards,

Evan Swensen

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