Murder Over Kodiak

Murder Over Kodiak

Murder Over Kodiak

Posted on 01/25/2023 Evan Swensen
Murder Over Kodiak

Author Mastermind Robin Barefield’s Murder Over Kodiak has twists and turns aplenty; however, her coming of age as a mystery writer shows other twists and turns—some I’ve been a party to.


I served on the board of directors and president of Alaska Writers Guild for many years. Later, the conference committee invited me to conduct a workshop about publishing a book without a publisher. As an unknown, yet-to-be-discovered mystery author, Robin attended the workshop and asked me to review her Murder Over Kodiak manuscript.


Like in the movies, the publisher reads a portion of a budding author’s manuscript and is immediately taken by it. I knew the book was well written, and Robin, above all, was a storyteller extraordinary—and I hoped she’d allow Publication Consultants to be her publisher.


Robin Barefield lives in the wilderness on Alaska’s Kodiak Island, where she and her husband own a remote lodge. She’s well acquainted with wilderness dangers, floatplanes, wild weather, and how to get along using your own resources if left alone in the wilderness. She also has a master’s degree in fish and wildlife biology and is a wildlife-viewing and fishing guide. Her Alaska murder mystery books show her love and appreciation of the Alaska wilderness and her scientific background—she knows what she writes.


But I think you’d rather hear Robin’s story directly from her. So here’s where you’ll find her talking about her real-life adventure of becoming a published author,


Robin’s Author Mastermind page is located at


Robin’s approachable. Here’s her email address,


If interested, you can follow her on Facebook  and on Amazon


You’ll find her books listed .


By the way, when I typed in Robin Barefield doing a Google search, here’s what came back, “About 79,000 results (0.40 seconds).” She can be found in a lot of places on the internet!

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