Road Trip with Remington Beagle

Road Trip with Remington Beagle

Road Trip with Remington Beagle

Posted on 01/19/2023 Evan Swensen
Road Trip with Remington Beagle

Author Mastermind, Valerie Winans lives in Michigan, but her heart is in Alaska. At least it seems so, considering what she writes about and the background she uses when attending Author Masterminds Zoom meetings. During the meeting, people see Valerie’s happy image in front of an outstanding photo of Denali, the highest mountain in North America.


I’m not sure when Valeri’s love affair with Alaska began. I think it happened when Valerie and her husband, Don, spent one summer in Alaska hosting Savage River Campground in Denali National Park.


As interested campground hosts, Don and Valerie researched the history of the campground and wrote the book Alaska’s Savage River: Inside Denali National Park and Preserve. Valerie wrote on the back cover of her book, “The people who are passers-by of this place may leave a legacy or a footprint, but they all take with them memories of a very special place.”


Valerie’s Denali legacy is her Savage River book. And like almost all Alaska visitors soon realized, “once you’ve been to Alaska, you can’t go all the way home.” So back home in Michigan, she magnified her combined love for her pet beagle and Alaska by authoring Road Trip with Remington Beagle: Michigan to Alaska and Back.


When you read the book, you’ll discover that Remington Beagle wrote the book. The back cover states, “Take a road trip with me, Remington Beagle, from Traverse City, Michigan, to various destinations in Alaska. As the head beagle in charge of this adventure, I will guide the reader along the famous Alaska Highway (also known as the Alcan). This recreational vehicle journey continues on some of the continent’s most scenic and exciting roads, making this a unique travel log for people who love camping and storytelling beagles.”


Expanding her writing career following the release of Valerie wrote another Remington Beagle book, A Hero’s Journey: Life Lessons From a Dog and His Friends.


You can see a short Hero’s Journey video: .


You can find Alaska’s Savage River.


You can find Road Trip With Remington Beagle.


You can find A Hero’s Journey.


If you’d like to talk Alaska or beagles with Valerie, like all Author Masterminds, she’s approachable. You can communicate with her by email:

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