To Self-Publish Or Not

To Self-Publish Or Not

To Self-Publish Or Not

Posted on 01/31/2023 Evan Swensen
To Self-Publish Or Not

You may struggle with this question as you go through the steps and stages of finishing your books.

It is tempting to self-publish—to be entirely in charge of your creations. You have the concept — your favorite font and colors. That special paper. The dramatic photo of yourself for the back. You’re the author, after all. Who else would design and lay out your books better than you?

As you begin to put it all together, you find it’s not as simple as that vivid picture in your mind. Even doing an eBook well is more complex than you might realize. It is a book, after all.

You might even think: “I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing?”

Don’t feel bad.

Writing a book is one thing. Getting it ready for publication is, as they say, the difference between a moose and a bear. Both are formidable animals. But different as night and day.

I learned this the hard way as we moved from our radio show and magazine publishing to book publication.

Everything was different. The size, the paper, and the layout. Distribution and marketing as well.

There was a lot to learn. And we are still learning. Because the book business is constantly changing—growing and shifting in all the ways you can imagine.

That’s not going to change any time soon. To self-publish or not to self-publish? This a question you will need to answer sooner or later.

Note: You may find this video helpful in making a decision, How to Publish Your Book, On Your Own, Without A Publisher

This webinar will answer the following questions every self-publishing author has:

*How can I be sure the companies I work with have integrity?

*How much will it cost to publish my book?

*Can my book be published with no cost to me?

*Do I need a website, and how much does it cost?

*What about a blog, Facebook page, and other social media stuff?

*How do I market my book?

*What about eBooks?

*How do I get my book in Barnes and Noble, on Amazon, and other booksellers?

*What is a Library of Congress number, and do I need one for my book?

*How do I launch my book?

*What is an ISBN number, is it necessary, and how do I get one?

*How do I copyright my book?

*And, finally, can I expect to make any money?

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