Authors Like F. Scott Fitzgerald Influence Society by Saying Something Worthwhile

Authors Like F. Scott Fitzgerald Influence Society by Saying Something Worthwhile

Authors Like F. Scott Fitzgerald Influence Society by Saying Something Worthwhile

Posted on 09/28/2023 Evan Swensen
Authors Like F. Scott Fitzgerald Influence Society by Saying Something Worthwhile

Scott Fitzgerald, one of the most iconic American writers, once quipped, “You don’t write because you want to say something; you write because you have something to say.”

Authors wonder how to make a meaningful impact in a world saturated with information, stories, and ideas. It seems everyone is vying for attention, asserting their opinions, and attempting to influence the social discourse. Amidst all this noise, how does an author get heard and make a lasting impression?

When faced with this daunting task, it’s wise to heed the insights of authors who have indelibly impacted society like F. Scott Fitzgerald.

To better understand Fitzgerald’s perspective, let’s step back into the Roaring Twenties—a period of excess, economic boom, and social upheaval. At a glamorous party filled with the Jazz Age’s brightest stars, Fitzgerald deeply talks about the concept of the ‘American Dream.’

While others at the party celebrate the era’s prosperity, Fitzgerald senses a darker truth. The opulence around him masks a tale of inequality, disillusionment, and moral decay. This realization compelled him to write The Great Gatsby, a novel delving into the complexities and pitfalls of the American Dream. Fitzgerald wrote not to be part of a trend but because he had an urgent message that could help society reflect upon itself.

The Great Gatsby continues to captivate readers and scholars years after Fitzgerald’s time. The book’s themes have entered into broader cultural discussions about the American identity and have made readers worldwide reflect on their dreams and moral compasses. Fitzgerald’s work exemplifies how enduring stories come from a place of authenticity and a need to convey something significant.

As storytellers, writers, or even ordinary individuals sharing stories, adopting this ethos can transform how we engage with the world. It empowers us to create narratives that entertain and deeply resonate, challenge conventional wisdom, and contribute to meaningful conversations.

We may not all become literary legends like Fitzgerald, but his approach to storytelling serves as a touchstone for anyone wishing to make a lasting impact. It teaches us that our stories gain real power when fueled by a genuine message rather than a simple desire to be heard. Ultimately, our aim should not be to occupy space in a crowded marketplace of ideas but to enrich it, offer new perspectives, and challenge or illuminate long-standing beliefs.

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