Becoming a Published Author

Becoming a Published Author

Becoming a Published Author

Posted on 09/02/2016 Evan Swensen
Becoming a Published Author

Have you written a book? Or are you writing a book or thinking about writing a book? No matter what stage you’re at, you’re probably considering the next step after completing the manuscript: getting it published. But what’s the best way to get your book into the hands of readers?

As an author, you have many options to get your book published. You can try the traditional approach, but acquisitions editors at most book publishers accept submissions only from literary agents. It’s hard to find an editor willing to evaluate a manuscript. Many publishers are primarily interested in books that have high commercial potential and require large print runs.

Another approach is to publish your manuscript solely as an eBook, using one of the online eBook platforms. But it is often difficult to get your eBook noticed because it gets lost in vast sea of other options. For some genres, eBooks are also not optimal, such as children’s books and cookbooks. Most importantly, there’s no tangible object for readers to hold, reducing the satisfaction that comes with reading a good book.

Because of these factors, self-publishing has grown substantially over the past few decades. Self-publishing offers many rewards, but it entails many complexities. The book publishing process has multiple steps: editing, layout, cover design, printing, distribution, marketing, and promotion.

To self-publish efficiently and successfully, most authors need a reliable, trustworthy partner. Publication Consultants offers an innovative, flexible publishing solution. Authors can customize their publishing experience by selecting the services that best fit their needs.

Our three publishing plans [1] — Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire — offer a range of services, from a full-service model to a do-some-of-it-yourself option. For example, Bonnye Matthews, award-winning writer of prehistoric fiction, found our Sapphire Publishing Program best fit her needs for her five book series. Michael Travis, author of The Landmen, Melozi, and El Gauncho, decided to use our Ruby Publishing Program. Also, Jake Jacobson, Alaska’s favorite real-life wilderness storyteller, picked the Diamond Publishing Program for his three books.

We also provide authors with two other services: outright purchase and consulting. With the outright purchase option, we buy all rights to your manuscript for a one-time fee. Our consulting service provides authors guidance on any aspect of publishing.

For nearly four decades, we’ve helped authors preserve histories and tell their stories. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s praise [2] from two of our authors:

Publication Consultants made the editing and publishing phase of writing my book both painless and rewarding … Without Publication Consultants, my manuscript would still be lying on the shelf, gathering dust. — Ron Walden

There isn’t a better, more honest publisher anywhere. I recommend Publications Consultants to new writers as well as to veterans. — Glen Guy

For more information about how we can help you publish your book, contact us [3].

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