Our Closest Neighbor

Our Closest Neighbor

By Adam Freestone| 02/10/2021
Alaskan Writer of Imaginative Creativity Author Masterminds Member There are so many stars shining in the sky, so many beautiful things winking at you, but when Venus comes out, all … 0 More

My Home—Kodiak, Alaska

By Robin Barefield| 02/08/2021
Alaska Wilderness Mystery Author Author Masterminds Member My husband and I live in the Alaska wilderness on Kodiak Island, and the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge surrounds our home. Kodiak sits … 0 More

The Zoo

By Walter Grant| 02/05/2021
One of America’s Enduring Patriot Authors Author Masterminds Member “A short memory may cleanse the soul but lies are indelible.” — DB Cooper I provided for my family as best …

The Road Less Traveled

By Rebecca Wetzler| 01/27/2021
By Rebecca Wetzler: Purposeful overcomer sharing the fruit of faith Author Masterminds Charter Member The phrase The Road Less Traveled originated in 1916 from Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not … 0 More

Wilderness Mystery Authors

By Robin Barefield| 01/21/2021
By Robin Barefield: Alaska Wilderness Mystery Author Author Masterminds Member When my publisher first tagged me as an Alaska Wilderness Mystery Author, I laughed at the description. I write murder … 0 More

Post Winter Solstice Moods (Latitude 62)

By Cil Gregoire| 01/19/2021
By Cil Gregoire Alaska Sci-Fi Queen Author Masterminds Member Winter Solstice may go mostly unnoticed down south, but when Atlas shrugs his weary shoulders, readjusting his massive load, Alaskans take … 0 More

I’m Victoria Hardesty

By Victoria Hardesty| 01/18/2021
By Victoria Hardesty: Author of Action and Adventure with Arabian Horses Author Masterminds Member My name is Victoria Hardesty, and I live in Pinon Hills, California on a 7.5-acre Arabian … 0 More

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