Crafting Legacy with a Pen: The Benjamin Franklin Way

Crafting Legacy with a Pen: The Benjamin Franklin Way

Crafting Legacy with a Pen: The Benjamin Franklin Way

Posted on 12/21/2023 Evan Swensen
Crafting Legacy with a Pen: The Benjamin Franklin Way

Benjamin Franklin’s steps are particularly pronounced in Franklin’s sense of history and personal legacy. His famous quote, “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing,” is a timeless reminder of the enduring power of the written word and the significance of our actions. Let’s explore how Franklin’s life stories, contributions to literature and society, and legacy encourage us all to write our chapters in the annals of time.

The Rebel Writer: Benjamin Franklin’s Early Days

Picture a young Benjamin Franklin: an apprentice not allowed to write for his brother’s newspaper. Undeterred, Franklin adopts the alias of Mrs. Silence Dogood, crafting secretly published letters, much to the delight of readers unaware of the actual author. This daring act of literary defiance was Franklin’s foray into using writing as a tool to carve out his space in the world.

A Father’s Heartache: The Personal Letters

Fast forward to a time of revolution and upheaval, where Franklin, the esteemed statesman, found his loyalties clashing with his son, William. Their correspondence offers a window into Franklin’s heart and mind, revealing the strength and compassion with which he navigated one of his most personal conflicts. These letters show a man amid national turmoil and a father grappling with a profound familial rift.

From Wit to Wisdom: Franklin’s Societal Influence

Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack wasn’t just a collection of clever sayings; it was a cultural phenomenon that shaped a budding nation. His adages on thrift, honesty, and hard work sowed the seeds of what would become core American values. Franklin’s role in drafting the Declaration of Independence and securing French support during the Revolutionary War underscored the significant impact of his writings on the very foundations of society.

The Lasting Imprint: Franklin’s Enduring Words

Decades and centuries have passed, yet Franklin’s autobiography continues to stir readers’ souls, encouraging self-improvement and the pursuit of knowledge. His life and works are a powerful testament to the idea that our writings can make us immortal because they can influence generations long after we are gone.

Write Your Legacy

This blog often explores the journeys of individuals who have shaped their worlds with their actions and creations. Franklin’s life is a beacon, reminding us that our writings and deeds can leave a lasting imprint. Reflecting on Franklin’s life, we see not just a historical figure but a mentor urging us to make our mark.

Dive into Franklin’s extensive body of work. Let the wit in his *Almanack* enlighten you, his autobiography guides you, and his essays on liberty challenge you. And then, pick up your pen or keyboard and craft your narrative, for in the words and the actions you choose today, you are writing tomorrow’s history.

What will your legacy be? How will you use your words and deeds to be remembered? As Franklin showed us, to write and to do are not just acts of self-expression but commitments to the future—a future where, perhaps, someone will be inspired by something you left behind.

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