Help Solve a Mystery at the Anchorage Museum, May 2, 2014 [Every Picture Tells a Story]

Mystery Photo Night comes to the Anchorage Museum May 2, from 6-8 pm. The Museum has many photos they need identified in its historical photography collection.

In Senior Voice, the April 2014 issue, Sarah Henning of the Anchorage Museum wrote an article, giving an example of how wonderful it can be to get these images properly identified and uploaded for public perusal.

For instance, Nora Veloz of Anchorage was surprised to find a photograph of her mother as a grade-schooler. Her mother, Lucy Kelly, had recently died, and Nora had never seen the snapshot, which was taken in Old Harbor in the 1940s.

This happened at a Mystery Photo Event in October 2013.

Right now, there are about 10,000 identified Alaskan historical images available to the public just from the Anchorage Museum. Other facilities, in turn, add their identified images to the database.

At the recent Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in Fairbanks, just over half of 441 images presented there for identification were finally properly labeled. Some were as old as the 1900s.

Just one rediscovered picture can prompt a dozen stories of loved ones and times past.

If you have the chance, take a couple of hours to help properly name and place these many historical images.

You might, even as Nora Veloz did, find a family treasure that would otherwise be lost forever.

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