Honoring Maggie Holeman: A Voice of Change and Bravery

Honoring Maggie Holeman: A Voice of Change and Bravery

Honoring Maggie Holeman: A Voice of Change and Bravery

Posted on 09/22/2023 Evan Swensen
Honoring Maggie Holeman: A Voice of Change and Bravery

At Publication Consultants, our motto, “We Believe in the Power of Authors,” reflects our dedication to spotlighting voices that challenge norms and reshape worlds. We are driven by the desire to publish books that provoke thought, inspire action, and invoke change rather than just adhering to the laws of the literary world.


Our ongoing online initiatives will amplify our commitment to supporting these unconventional voices, “the storytellers, the wordsmiths, the literary rebels, and the narrative innovators.” These authors question literary norms and conventional wisdom, exploring untold stories and uncharted worlds through their creative prose.


In this vein, we honor Maggie Holeman, the pioneering author of Woman in the Locker Room. Maggie’s story is a profound testament to her unwavering resilience, inspiring countless individuals to break barriers.


Maggie aspired to do more than what the 1970s had to offer to women. Rising from a tumultuous childhood, she emerged as the first Woman in the dual profession of fire and police at Anchorage International Airport Police and Fire Department with the State of Alaska. Her journey is a riveting depiction of resilience, narrating the highs and lows of her experiences in both professions.


In her own words, Maggie describes Woman in the Locker Room as “a story about change. Changing the rules, changing attitudes, conceptions, traditions, and roles. It’s about spirit, drive, tenacity, independence, and human growth. And it’s about bravery. Not only in the sense of our chosen careers but in accepting personal strengths and the ability to let go.”


Maggie Holeman is not just a symbol of survival; she is a beacon of but and innovation. She was pivotal in instigating inclusive and equitable workplace reforms, advocating for separate facilities and fair regulations for women. Her fearless pursuit of equality and excellence earned her accolades, including a legislative commendation for bravery and the prestigious award for weapon proficiency.


After dedicating 23 transformative years to the State of Alaska, Maggie now enjoys serene retirement in Hope, Alaska, running a Five Star bed and breakfast, where tranquility replaces turmoil.


Maggie’s narrative is a powerful reminder of the potential within each one of us to instigate change and challenge the status quo. It resonates perfectly with our mission at Publication Consultants—to uplift voices that dare to think differently, that are audacious enough to believe that they can reshape the world through words.


We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Maggie Holeman, understand her struggles, celebrate her victories, and be inspired by her revolutionary spirit. Let’s honor and acknowledge Maggie as a true architect of change and an invaluable contributor to literature and societal progress.


And, as we celebrate Maggie, let’s continue to embrace more such powerful voices, the literary rebels and narrative innovators who inspire, challenge, and reshape our understanding of the world. Stay tuned to our online platforms for more inspiring content and narratives about authors who, like Maggie, believe fiercely in the transformative power of words.


Woman in the Locker Room book: https://bit.ly/46laTSv, eBook: https://bit.ly/3EMnCSL, audiobook: https://bit.ly/462Y53p

2 thoughts on “Honoring Maggie Holeman: A Voice of Change and Bravery”
  • I am from Germany and have already visited Maggie Holemann in Hope four times. She is a wonderful person. She gave me her book about her life as a woman in a traditionally male world. I read it with interest and great respect for this woman.

  • I am German. I have been several times in Hope. I know Maggie personally. She is a smart lady. Her B&B is wonderful!

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