What You Need To Know About Your Brand

What You Need To Know About Your Brand

What You Need To Know About Your Brand

Posted on 04/13/2017 Evan Swensen
What You Need To Know About Your Brand

An Author Platform, your brand, is who you are in the minds of your readers and potential readers. They trust you because you have a good relationship with them. You honor that trust by making sure you stick to your word and not let them down.

According to John Rampton, an entrepreneur and connector, once you have a community that trusts you, they’ll purchase every book you put in front of them. So like creating a relationship with another person, you can’t establish a trust if they don’t even know you.

Once you have established your trust with your fans, proceed in growing your (brand) author platform. The question is how to stand out from other writers in your genre? By delivering quality content that readers look forward to seeing, then you can slowly begin to expect to have readers line up to purchase your books.

You’re in trouble if your readers can’t place your brand on the map. The worst thing is to blend in with the rest. That’s what the outreach manager of GetResponse, Ewa Puchalska, said. You already have a lot of competitors, so why settle in the same level as them? Find a way to stand out from the rest. According to Pierre Lechelle of SaaS, you should build connections with your customers. Send personal notes. Treat them like a good friend. Little things like these are unexpected by your readers and will therefore leave a strong impact.

The same goes for your social media accounts, and if you don’t have one then get one. It is also important to show that you are engaged with your readers. The Serial Entrepreneur Adam Howell tells us that it is important to create a consistent, positive, emotional feelings with your social media presence by cutting out the fat. By this he simply means that you should only post about things that have a relation to your brand, while still being down to earth with your readers. Answer their questions and share new important brand information with them. Keep away from reposting and stay out of sensitive topics.

Make your brand stand out from the others. Use the available technology and contacts to spread awareness, and with the awareness create a face for your brand that readers recognize, trust and appreciate. Do this and your brand will become unique, and you will be on the road to success.

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