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We are busier than ever at Publication Consultants with new books. Heaven and Hell, by one of our more prolific writers, is one. Carol Douglass writes with the gripping realism that comes from experience in the field.

Carl decided on a pen name because so much of what he writes about actually happened during his years as a neurosurgeon. Of course he’s changed the names and other details, but readers have no doubt that the author has seen, and sometimes done, everything in his books.

Carl’s new novel is the third of a series called Saga of a Neurosurgeon. This series tells the life story of a driven, unscrupulous man, Garven Wisenholme, willing to do anything to achieve his goals of wealth and social success.

Garven is in his last year of medical school, and is learning what it is to be a real doctor. There’s much more training on the horizon, and each day eats away at his savings.

He gives up his shared apartment to live in an overlooked storage room in the hospital, and scavenges food from patients’ meals. Garven is desperate; he is forced to take out a student loan, and the interest is enormous.

All of Garven’s struggles only make him more determined to become a neurosurgeon, by any means. But how will he cover his expenses while he’s going through his years of internship? He has no idea. But something will turn up.

How Garven Wisnholme moves another notch up the ladder of his dreams, and what he learns about the medical field from the inside, is what Book Three, Heaven and Hell is all about.

We know you’ll enjoy this series, and we look forward to your comments on Carl Douglass’ books. Other readers have found it a guarantee of a sleepless night, because it’s so hard to put down.

For more information, here is his web site:

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