Over The Transom

Over The Transom

Over The Transom

Posted on 11/30/2016 Evan Swensen
Over The Transom

Sometimes a salesmen may remark, “It just came in over the transom;” meaning that an unexpected sale occurred without effort by the salesmen. When these rare occasions occur it’s a time for celebration and thanks giving.

That’s just what happened to Mary Ann Poll: America’s Lady of Supernatural Thrillers. Without warning and without her knowledge she received an email announcing that her book, Ravens Cove, had been awarded Radiax Press’ Spirit-Filled Fiction Award of Excellence. The over the transom award was followed up with a “like getting money from home without asking” announcement with a link (See Review) to an extraordinary review and heartfelt remarks by the writer of the review.

Publication Consultants is extremely excited about Mary Ann receiving the Spirit-Filled Fiction Award of Excellence and would like to introduce you to her writing by giving you a free Ravens Cove eBook. We think that once you read Ravens Cove you’ll want to purchase her other books. To receive a free Ravens Cove eBook just click Get Your Free EBook Now and follow the prompts. We trust that you’ll enjoy Ravens Cove and want to read Ingress and Gorgon and her new book that will be released early next year.

All in all this just seems like an over the transom moment for everyone.

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