Questions to Ask a Publisher Before Signing Anything

Questions to Ask a Publisher Before Signing Anything

Questions to Ask a Publisher Before Signing Anything

Posted on 10/04/2016 Evan Swensen

It’s happened. You’ve finished writing and polishing up the final edits of your book, and now you’ve found a publisher with whom you want to publish the manuscript. That’s great news!

The only problem is you’re not exactly sure what your relationship with the publisher entails. Your publishing contract should never be a mystery. Here are the questions you should ask a publisher before signing anything so you know exactly what to expect.

What Kind Of Book Will Be Produced?

Before entering into any kind of agreement, you need to know what the final product will look like. Ask your intended publisher what kind of book will be produced [1]. Will it be a hardback book? A trade paperback? An eBook? All three? Before you sign anything, you need to make sure your vision for your manuscript will be fulfilled.

What Do My Publishing Fees Go Towards?

Authors need to know what kind of financial investment publishing their book requires. If you have to pay a publication fee [2], what exactly does this cover? Do you need to pay more for editing or manuscript layout? Further, after the book is printed, do you have to pay for copies, or will the publishing company give you copies for free? You need to know all of these things so you can budget accordingly.

Where Will The Book Be Sold?

Book distribution is very difficult to do on your own. Make sure that the book publisher you choose has a distribution network that includes both online and physical sellers. If your publisher only has an online selling channel, you likely want to find a seller who also sells in physical stores [3] – still the largest share of the bookselling market.

How Will The Book Be Marketed?

While you will have to a great deal of self-promotion of your book yourself, you also want to find a book publisher who has a marketing plan in place. Is social media a part of your publishing package? Does the publishing company know bloggers who will review your book? If you’re looking for mass appeal for your writing, you want to find a publishing company who will partner with you in marketing your publication.

Publication Consultants

Publication Consultants will answer your questions every step of the way. As Dan Maclean, author of Paddling the Yukon, so kindly says in his testimonial [4], “I am glad to have my book published with Publication Consultants. I frequently recommend them to other would-be authors and they always ask me why. I summarize my feelings by saying, ‘Evan is honest.’”

Our goal is never to leave you in the dark. In our guide “Bringing Your Book to Market [5],” we lay out our five different publishing programs, so you’re never confused about what to expect from us. At Publication Consultants, we value transparency.

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  • I like that you point out that it is important to ask what the final copy will look like. I can see why this would help you know if you should have a certain publisher publish your book for you. It probably would be good to tell them how you envisioned your book and see what they say. They might point out some concerns or share some tips with you.

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