Is Your Book a Good Business Card?

Is Your Book a Good Business Card?

By Evan Swensen| 02/05/2013
Need a good business card?  Write a book. Nowadays, folks need a way to stand out in the crowds of people in their chosen field, whether is art, science, or raising children. We have always felt that your book can present you as a leader in your fie...

Have You Written The Best Cook Book Ever?

By Evan Swensen| 02/01/2013
In the 34 years we’ve been book publishing, we’ve published only three cook books total, with two in our active catalog. Most publishers attract cook books of all kinds, so we’re not sure why we haven’t been approached with more cook book man...

How Do I Become An Author?

By Evan Swensen| 01/29/2013
How do I become an author?  Is it something you’re born with? Does it happen by chance? Kayla Hunt is one of our younger authors, and, at first, she hated books. When I was seven I hated reading, plain and simple. There were better things to do li...

How Do I Become An Author In Today’s Market?

By Evan Swensen| 01/21/2013
Should you write a book? This is a question that many people struggle with. Just as every person is different, each book has its own reasons for coming across our desk and entering the publishing process. Another question many people struggle with is...

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