The Day My Life Was Changed Forever

The Day My Life Was Changed Forever

The Day My Life Was Changed Forever

Posted on 11/22/2022 Evan Swensen
The Day My Life Was Changed Forever

I had lived my whole life unable to create any written word because of my inability to write legibly or to spell correctly. I couldn’t even spell well enough to look up a word I wanted in the dictionary.

I decided that this was my lot in life. I couldn’t write, and that was that!

I never told anyone about my weakness. I just avoided writing anything. To show how bad it was, my mom collected and cherished all my letters home—both of them.

That was before Steve Jobs came out with the Apple Mac computer, and some smart techy person made a spell check app. These two things led to my life-changing moment. If it hadn’t been for the computer, no one would have ever read my first published work—let alone any of the hundreds of writings that followed.

Once I knew I could write and even write something of value, my life’s direction changed. I left my employment and began a career dominated by my newfound talent.

Not only was I able to write and publish, I even had my own television program and radio talk show.

Each daily Alaska Outdoors Radio Magazine show ended with One Last Cast.

One hundred and twenty of those one last casts became a book. Working with the design team and coming up with the cover for One Last Cast was exhilarating and humbling.

If you’re a published author, you can understand what my heart was doing when the transportation company delivered One Last Cast.

I’ve caught a lot of big fish, and I’ve taken trophy big game—and that’s exciting—but nothing compared to holding my book and seeing the tangible evidence that I’m a writer.

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