Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies

Posted on 03/24/2021 Mary Ann Poll
Truth and Lies

Mary Ann Poll: America’s Lady of Supernatural Thrillers
Author Masterminds Charter Member

Once there were two men, Truth, and Lies. They both professed love for a woman named Wisdom, and both asked for her hand in marriage.

Lies said to Wisdom. “You are the most desirable woman in the world. You can have anyone your heart desires. Yet only I can give you all the earth’s treasures and more. Choose me!”

Truth listened to Lies, looked to Wisdom and smiled. “You are indeed the most sought-after prize on this earth. I cannot offer you what Lies can. I can only promise to seek your counsel before I act on any decision, never forget you are in my life, and to treat you like the rare jewel you are.”

Wisdom turned kind eyes from Lies to Truth. She said, “You both have much to offer. I must consider before I make my decision.”

Wisdom retreated to her sanctuary.

Lies spat, “What have you to offer Wisdom? You are ridiculed, ignored by humans, all but extinct. You are ugly and poor.”

Truth turned his earnest eyes on Lies and smiled.

Lies continued, “I have been called an angel of light. I can deceive even the smartest human being. I have destroyed royalty, holy men, judges and peasants. I have put them to death while they begged to live forever.”

Truth replied, “All you say appears correct. Yet you have destroyed no one. They chose to follow your false promises—a decision which led to their ruin. You do not have the power to put even a blade of grass to death.”

“Even so, Wisdom would be a fool to choose you.”

“Wisdom is never a fool,” Truth replied.

“No sane woman would choose you, Truth. Your way is one of hardship and ridicule. People would sneer at her because she chose the path of Truth instead of this world’s course.

“No, Wisdom will choose me. I can offer her comfort. She will never want for anything in this life. In return, I will have Wisdom and rule this world.”

“We shall see, Lies. We shall see.”

Wisdom returned. “I have considered both of your arguments.”

She took Lies’ hands in hers and said, “You have been with me for more years than Truth. And I have been loyal to you. You have courted me relentlessly. You have promised me freedom from financial worries. You have offered me all I can imagine or think of in this world, which would give me an abundant life. I cannot understand why I’ve held back my affections from you.”

“I knew you would choose me! Tell Truth to leave!” Lies said.

Wisdom held up her hand. She turned to Truth. “You offer me a life of trials with no guarantees for happiness. You offer me a life of challenge and possible danger. Yet you offer me more than Lies has in all of these years.”

“What? How?” Lies demanded.

“Truth has offered me life. He will tell me when I am making a decision leading to my downfall instead of my growth. He will give me the strength to make the right decision when tempted by lies to take the easy way out. He will help me to continue to be a pure example to others. He has given me purpose and a partnership. So, Lies, I choose Truth.”

“So be it—for now. I will be back to ask again after you’ve gone through need and pain. Then, we shall see who you choose!”

Truth said to Lies, “Wisdom has made her choice. You see, Lies, Wisdom has always been mine; without her, I am nothing, and without me, she is only a lie.”

Truth and Lies was first published with Readers and Writers Book Club:

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