What If I Want to Self Publish?

What If I Want to Self Publish?

What If I Want to Self Publish?

Posted on 11/02/2022 Evan Swensen
What If I Want to Self Publish?

If you want to self-publish your book right now, this very minute, and take it to market, many companies will be happy to take your money.

We encourage you to keep our contact information close by, though, as several of our clients have come to us after such an experience, finding that indeed their book would be printed, and sometimes at great expense, but few, if any, book signings were available to the author via this publisher, and that distribution was sketchy.

Some authors found that getting a call or an email returned from such a publisher was practically impossible and that even ordering books wasn’t the simple experience it should be. As for getting any book royalty information, we have had authors tell us they hadn’t gotten a royalty statement for two or more years.

Some authors put books together for limited distribution for businesses or their families. We are happy to assist you if you do not intend to sell your work, even if you want to print only one copy of your book, or enough for your board of directors, or 300 for the family reunion.

We are always happy to assist you in your project to self-publish a quality book for limited distribution.

We do not believe a book you intend to market should be rushed into publication simply to publish. We also recommend a limited first printing to test the book.
We are looking for authors committed to their books, book signings, and other book events; and to working with social media and different ways to get their books out to their readers.

Our authors who are active in selling their books usually have the most fun with their books and their readers.

And that’s what we like to see.

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