What is the Purpose of Your Book?

In a conversation on LinkedIn, with other members of the Authors & Publishers Association, the question was raised as to the benefit of writing a book with purpose.

Something along the lines of is it necessary in a book that the author have a purpose for writing it? Should the author hope it will in some way to be useful to people?

In the end, the one who posed this question felt that the best books do have a message or a purpose or act as an inspiration.When we look at a book for publication we always look for the redeeming value of the book to the author, the reader, and to us as publishers. We’d like our customers to walk away the better for reading one of our author’s offerings.

Now, a writer won’t always realize the purpose or the inspiring aspect of a book as he or she is writing it. The drive and the work it takes to finish such a work is more important at that time.

But many of our authors have specifically set out to give their readers an inspirational offering. Some of the inspirational works in our catalog have been selling well for years. Those books are novels and autobiographies as well as the more usual non-fiction.

So if you have written a story that you think might be inspirational, or gives a positive message, we’d be especially interested in taking a look at it.

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