What is Trans-media Doing In My Book?

What is Trans-media Doing In My Book?

What is Trans-media Doing In My Book?

Posted on 04/09/2013 Evan Swensen

This week one of our young authors, Heather Johnson, was noted as having written a trans media novel. She’s 15 years old, and her book is called Hidden Voice: A story of discovering strengths.

You can read the article at http://www.frontiersman.com/arts_entertainment/wasilla-teen-pens-new-trans-media-book/article_a48d49c0-8d1b-11e2-a1ce-0019bb2963f4.html

But what is trans media? And what is it doing in the book business? Good questions.

From Wikipedia comes this bit of history of the term:

“In 1991, then University of Southern California professor Marsha Kinder coined the term for this form of storytelling . . . “

It’s not just about writing sequels or prequels for your work.

This is a step beyond multi-media, where a book might also become a movie, or vice versa. Every book nowadays has the possibility of trans-media within it.

Trans-media has been with us for some little while. It is storytelling using various and interlinked mediums, such as an e-book with live links to extra materials, a related game, a web site with special content for fans, etc.

And there can be many etceteras. Heather’s book offers, through her website, a link to her heroine’s Facebook page. That’s right. A Facebook page for a fictional character named Vidia Achsah. Link at heatherjohnsonbooks.com.

Vidia started posting on Facebook even before “her” book was published. If you look at the Facebook page for her, you will see how readers are “talking” to her, and she is “talking” with them.

How many ways could you find trans media in your books? This is worth some sketching out, as many of your readers would love to talk with your characters, and learn special details and backstories.

Trans-media. Funny name, but an enriching experience for your fans.

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