What To Look Out For When Publishing Your First Book

What To Look Out For When Publishing Your First Book

What To Look Out For When Publishing Your First Book

Posted on 09/27/2016 Evan Swensen

Publishing your first book won’t always fit your expectations – either before or after publication. The best way to make sure publishing your first book is demystified is by having one thing: more information. Here, we’ll talk about five of the factors we think first-time authors often overlook – so you’ll be sure not to.

Tailor Your Publishing Journey To Your Genre.

To begin the publishing process, you need to choose a genre: fiction, nonfiction, memoir, etc. Your genre determines your next steps. For example, if you’re writing a novel, you need to finish your manuscript [1] before finding an editor or agent. If you’re writing a nonfiction book, however, you should write a book proposal that talks about your intention for the publication.

Consider How Well Your Book Will Really Sell.

You should consider how popular you think your book really could be. If your goal is to sign with a big New York City press, your book should be poised to sell 10,000 to 20,000 copies. Realistically, do you think your book has that kind of selling potential? Or is your book less flashy? Maybe then you’d be better off investigating small or mid-sized presses.

Think About Protecting Your Rights.

If your book doesn’t do as well as you’d liked or you’re not happy with your publishing company, you want to have a clause in your contract that lets you walk away with your manuscript [2]. Many publishers have long exclusivity clauses in their contracts. So, if you think you might want to self-publish your writing someday, you should see how long those periods last – or if you can get out of them altogether.

Make Some Friends.

To really get people talking about your book, you need people to read it first. That means you should be connected to an excellent network of virtual and real-world people who can read your book and share it with a network of people who will also read it. Publishing companies don’t do all the marketing for any books nowadays, so you’ve got to be proactive in creating a healthy buzz [3] about your publication.

Discuss Your Options With Publication Consultants.

There are many factors to consider – including genre, selling potential, and literary agents – before you can get your first book published. If you’re lost in the publishing fray, Publishing Consultants can help. Our experienced consultants can give you advice on all the arenas of contemporary book publishing – or if you’re ready to take more control over your publication, we offer four different levels of book publishing [4], too.

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