Why You Should Approach a Consultant Before Trying to Get Published

Why You Should Approach a Consultant Before Trying to Get Published

Why You Should Approach a Consultant Before Trying to Get Published

Posted on 09/23/2016 Evan Swensen

If you’re a new author, you can face many unknowns in publishing your first book. Who can proofread your copy? How are books distributed to bookstores? Where can your book be bound? All of these questions can be frustrating if you don’t have the right team on your side.

That’s why it’s so important to talk to a consultant [1] about publishing plans and packages before embarking on your self-publishing journey. Consultants can describe the step-by-step publishing process so you can find the company that best leads your vision into fulfillment.

A Consultant Can Talk You Through the Steps to Publication

There are many elements of the publishing process [2] that might confuse or dismay a new writer. From choosing the right book printers to selecting the right paper and binding, new writers might have no idea where to begin. A consultant lays out the steps to publication that you need to know. A short and inexpensive consultation about the self-publishing industry can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

A Consultant Can Give You Information About Services Necessary for Book Printing

You might be surprised at some of the intermediary steps required before your book can be published. For example, you need to a professional editor to read over your manuscript before it’s printed. You also need to make sure your manuscript layout looks attractive. Furthermore, you need to find the right printing press for the budget you had in mind. Overall, you want to be able to use your resources well. A consultant can help you plan accordingly.

A Consultant Can Describe the Ways Contemporary Books are Marketed

One of the biggest problems self-published authors face is promoting a book once it has been printed. A consultant can help you envision ways to distribute your work to readers once your book has been published. Consultants can, for example, suggest ways to turn chapters of your project into magazine articles. They can also give you advice on managing your social media or bookstore presence [3].

A Consultant Can Keep You From Getting Scammed

A consultant with integrity will save you thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and months of stress. Hundreds of first-time authors [4] have discussed their dissatisfaction [5] with sham publishing houses [6]. Consider how the publishing experience would have been different for these new authors if they started with a publishing consultant rather than going it on their own.

Publication Consultants

We are expert consultants [7] that can be the guiding hand you need from pre-publication to the marketing of your book. Our consultants will give you excellent advice on bringing your book to market. If you decide to publish with us, we have five different publishing programs that offer you various levels of control. We can either do nearly everything ourselves or we can give you the tools you need to publish your book on your own. Contact us [8] for a publishing consultation today.

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