Writing Isn’t Nearly as Hard as You Think

Writing Isn’t Nearly as Hard as You Think

Writing Isn’t Nearly as Hard as You Think

Posted on 01/11/2023 Evan Swensen
Writing Isn’t Nearly as Hard as You Think

People write for a variety of reasons. Some do it because it’s a deep, heartfelt passion, while others enjoy the challenge. Still, others write because they want to make a name for themselves. And then, some folks write……to make money!

No matter the reason, writing is a talent, whether blessed with natural ability or developed through writing courses and workshops.

Looking back in history at some of the greatest writers known to man, such as Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe, or to the novice writer just starting to put pen to paper, all writers experience the same things:

      • Every writer struggles at one time or another with writer’s block.
      • Every writer longs to find what to write about to be successful as an author.
      • Every writer must learn to be organized and take action to complete their assignment.
      • Every writer needs to be motivated, inspired, and use unique methods for developing new ideas.
      • Every writer wants their creativity to be tapped into and released for their readers to enjoy and learn from.
      • Every writer aims to provide helpful information for others to benefit from.

Whether you are planning on writing a published book or an eBook, one of the first things a writer needs to focus on- is what topic they are going to write about.

Finding a hot topic can bring lots of sales. Some of these topics that are hot today include:

Making Money. We all want to make money.

Dating / Relationships. With an all-time high of divorces, we all need improvement here.

Hobbies and Crafts. People love making things themselves and getting the self-gratification of a well-done job.

Technology. With so many changes and new gadgets, everyone must learn how or what is out there.

Your Personal Story– Have an interesting life or know someone that has?

Romance– Who doesn’t want a good guy (or girl) to snuggle up to?

Adventure- We all want to find a way to escape our boring lives.

Whether you use one of the above ideas or have one of your own, it is essential to put pen to paper and then peck the keyboard and get to it. Then, once you have the completed book and are ready for the next step- contact Publication Consultants. We can show you the steps needed to get your book to market.

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