Are You Self Publishing Books?

By evan| 01/31/2013
Nowadays, more and more writers are self-publishing books, or finding an independent publisher, such as ourselves, Publication Consultants. Many people don’t even bother to submit their books to the big traditional publishers anymore. Most big publ...

How Do I Become An Author?

By evan| 01/29/2013
How do I become an author?  Is it something you’re born with? Does it happen by chance? Kayla Hunt is one of our younger authors, and, at first, she hated books. When I was seven I hated reading, plain and simple. There were better things to do li...

What Is The Meaning Of Genre?

By evan| 01/29/2013
What is the meaning of genre? Writers and authors will hear this word more the longer they are in the book-writing business. Genre is a fancy word that English has borrowed from the French. The meaning of genre is the kind or category of book, of or ...

How Do I Publish And Sell Ebooks?

By evan| 01/24/2013
How to publish and sell ebooks....

Do You Need To Know How To Market A Book?

By evan| 01/23/2013
Various tips and strategies on how to market a book...

How Do I Become An Author In Today’s Market?

By evan| 01/21/2013
Should you write a book? This is a question that many people struggle with. Just as every person is different, each book has its own reasons for coming across our desk and entering the publishing process. Another question many people struggle with is...

Are You Looking For A Reputable Book Publishing Company?

By evan| 01/15/2013
How Publication Consultants became a book publishing company....

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